Bills to Watch

The Watch Dogs of The Industry

The New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association tracks hundreds of bills each legislative session that could impact the industry. In addition to our in-house Government Affairs Director, Amanda Stone, NJRHA is also represented by one of the State's top lobbying firms, Princeton Public Affairs.

Below are just some of the top bills the NJRHA is monitoring. Members have access to constant updates on new and pending legislation and public policy, as well as the opportunity to discuss any legislative concerns or questions with our Government Affairs team. 


A1958 / S3165: Establishes occupational heat stress standard and "Occupational Heat-Related Illness and Injury Prevention Program" in DOLWD. 


S3147 / A4379: Beverage Container Deposit Act;" requires use of returnable beverage containers in NJ and establishes deposit and refund system to facilitate return of such containers to manufacturers for reuse or proper disposal.

S3195 / A5331: Prohibits food service businesses from providing single-use plastic utensils and condiments to customers, except upon request, and requires certain food service businesses to provide reusable, washable utensils to customers eating on site.

S208 A2094: Requires producers of packaging products sold in New Jersey to adopt and implement packaging product stewardship plans.

A287 / S2014: Prohibits adoption of any State rule or regulation mandating electric heating or water heating systems in buildings prior to issuance of DCA report. 

A183 / S425: Prohibits adoption of State and local rules that prohibit use of fossil fuel-powered kitchen appliances.


A3495 / S2336: Concerns hospitality franchise agreements.

S3171: Establishes distinction between residential tenant and transient guest of hotel or motel for purpose of determining permitted removal actions.


A1155: Requires restaurants to provide healthy beverages with meals designated for children.


A3868 / S2546: Requires person offering digital coupon to make available in-store alternative of identical value.