Class Schedules and Registration

Why Choose ServSafe?

ServSafe Food Safety Manager Training and Certification is required by law in the state of New Jersey. Currently, the state law requires that at least one person per establishment be ServSafe Food Safety Manager-certified.

ServSafe Food Safety 8-hour Review and Exam

Our 8 hour review and exam consists of a National Restaurant Association approved instructor conducting six hours of instruction and then administering the ServSafe food safety exam. Classes are available in cities throughout New Jersey. The ServSafe exam consists of 90 questions. Testers must receive a 70% score or better to pass this test and receive their Food Safety Certificate.  All tests are graded by the NRA and take approximately 2-3 weeks to process.

We make it convenient.

  • Classes are taught in one day. Sign up for the class closest to your establishment, and take both the class and the exam in the same day.

  • Multicultural products ensure that the training and exams are understood by those speaking a variety of languages. Our courses are offered in English and Spanish.

We make it affordable.

  • ServSafe Food Safety Manager Training and Certification
    • FREE* for NJRHA members through our grant
    • $150 for NJRHA members without the grant
    • $199 for non-members

  • ServSafe Alcohol
    • FREE* for NJRHA members
    • $75 for members and non-members without the grant

Alcohol Public Policy & Mitigating The Risks Webinar

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Class Schedules & Registration

*We can provide these classes to our members free of charge due to the annual Skills Partnership Grant we receive from the Department of Labor & Workforce Development. We apply to receive a new grant each year and fortunately have been awarded the grant consecutively in years past. A FEIN check is done by the Department of Labor to make sure you are eligible to use the grant. If your FEIN is not cleared by the Department of Labor, the class will be $150 for members. Occasionally, we will have a gap during which the previous year's grant funding has run out, and we are still waiting for the new year's funding to begin. During the gap, we oftentimes will offer a few classes, in case anyone needs training during the gap. The non-reimbursable member rate during this time is $150 per person, per class (compared with $199 for non-members). If you hope to take a class, we encourage you to do so during the majority of the year when a free class is available, but we do have these paid classes available should you run into an emergency and need one right away. Please contact Sarita Curry at 609.599.3316 or with any questions or concerns.