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Creating a Five-Star Employee Handbook: A Menu of Best Practices for Hospitality Businesses (3.20.23)

Topics include how an employee handbook can open the path to communication with employees, why an employee handbook is an essential tool for any business and critical for success, an outline of an employee handbook, and more.

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Fair Labor Standards Act (1.31.23)

Topics include understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act, NJ law, minimum wage, exempt vs non-exempt employees, exempt from overtime, tips for employees, real life scenarios to understand the law, and more. 

FSLA Compliance Checklist

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Wage & Hour Compliance (11.1.22)

Restaurants and those in the Hospitality Business should not rely on a faulty or simply wrong understandings of wage & hour laws. Mistakes can be very painful. We know that running a business carries many risks. When it comes to wage & hour compliance, knowing and following the law is never optional.

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Penalties Involving Fraud in PPP Loans Webinar (7.26.22)

Topics include defending the proper use of PPP money, how to avoid criminal prosecution, what to know if you are being investigated for PPP Loan fraud, and more.

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Wage & Hour Compliance Webinar (2.16.22)

Topics include determining employment status, wage theft, tip pooling, and more.

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Morey's Pier LogoAn Employer's Perspective on NJ's Updated Labor Laws Webinar (7.20.22)

Topics include NJ's Updated Minor Labor Laws for 14/15 year olds, 16/17 year olds, how to obstain working papers, and more.

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NJBAC LogoCounting Down to NJ's 2022 Ban on Plastic Carryout Bags and Polystrene Foam Food Service Products (10.27.22)

Think Green NJ! Presented by the NJ Business Action Center in partnership with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and NJ Clean Communities topics include review of the law, special circumstances, skipping the straw, and resources if you have any further questions. 

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