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As trusted financial professionals to individuals and business owners since 1966, the MacLean Agency responsibly helps clients achieve their goals and protect their assets through knowledge experience and resources. Conducting themselves as a family serving families, their team is dedicated to serving the needs of the their clients, employees, and community.

The MacLean Agency provides exceptional service and choices from over 30 carriers and presents the MacLean Review, a side-by-side-coverage comparison of benefits, rates, and terms, to help their clients make the right decisions.

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Zenith is the premier specialist in workers’ compensation. Zenith delivers superior service and outcomes for their customers using local representatives who understand your business and industry. Their team believes insurance is a long-term investment in your employees and the success of your business. The Zenith is passionate about helping their customers support their employees with safe workplaces, and if injuries occur, their team of in-house experts are dedicated to helping your injured employees recover and return to work as quickly as possible.

In addition to the team's experts, customers have online access 24/7 to Zenith Solution Center®, a comprehensive risk management and safety platform with industry-specific resources, as well as training programs, compliance tools, HR management best practices, and more. The Zenith offer live, virtual training sessions on safety, claims, fraud, and more, through Zenith® University, exclusive to Zenith customers.

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Cut Resistant Gloves & Sleeves

Safety Footwear

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Visit MacLean Agency or contact Joel MacLean: 609-683-9300 x228

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