What We Do


We pride ourselves on creating accessibility to useful resources for our members through our vendor partnerships, such as exclusive health care pricing and solutions through our collaboration with our Vendor Partners and free ServSafe training. Our job is to take some things off your plate, so you can keep putting great food on ours.


The New Jersey Restaurant Educational Foundation provides aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs with scholarships, and the opportunity to join our First Start Apprenticeship Program fueling future industry leaders to pursue their passion. Our ProStart curriculum, a nationally recognized two-year program for high school students teaches both culinary techniques and important management skills. Graduates are prepared to continue their education at prestigious schools, or to be hired immediately by culinary experts.


The association is constantly advocating for the industry, creating dialogue with policymakers on both a local and a national level. We understand the difficulties of operating a business and aim to produce bipartisan solutions that will help everyone.