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Find Your Local Legislators

Use this quick and easy tool to find your local legislators. By finding your local legislators, what can you do to advocate for NJ's hospitality industry?

  • Contact your elected officials by sending them a brief email
  • Call your elected officials and share your personal story
  • Write a letter to the editor in your local paper or online news source
  • Attend (or host!) a NJRHA Kitchen Cabinet Legislative Round Table or Town Hall Event. Contact for details. 

Legislator Lookup Tool

Oppose Governor Murphy's Liquor License Plan

Governor Murphy unveiled his liquor license plan that will flood the state of New Jersey with cheap and unlimited licenses forcing many of our state's family-owned bars, taverns, and restaurants to go out of business. 

Recap of Governor Murphy's Liquor License Plan

  • Increase the number of licenses available by decreasing the alcohol license population cap gradually over five years (currently set at one on-premise licnese per 3,000 residents)
  • At the end of five years no license could be sold privately, effectively rendering current licenses now held by you local bar, tavern, or restaurant to be worthless and put out of business

Urge Your State Representatives to Oppose Governor Murphy's Liquor License Reform Plan

NJRHA Statement on Liquor License System

Tell Congress to Pass the "Credit Card Competition Act"

Key reasons why Congress needs to pass the "Credit Card Compeititon Act":

  • The bipartisan "Credit Card Competition Act" will bring competition to the credit card network routing market
  • This legislation will foster competition and security in the payments ecosystem while bringing down the cost of swipe fees and encouraging innovation services and fraud protection
  • If passed, this bill will reduce one of the highest recurring costs for every single restaurant that accepts credit cards

Urge Congress to Support the "Credit Card Compeition Act"