Spring Blooms More Than Flowers


By Marilou Halvorsen, NJRHA President
Undoubtedly, the month of May begins our shift from inside to outside, with daylight hours increasing we tend to wake up earlier and go to bed later, making our days and weekends feel longer. We also fire up the outdoor grills, walk more, feel happier and without possibly knowing it, appear more hopeful.

The same can be said for the hospitality industry. Outside seating reappears, new crowds gather, wedding celebrations increase, Mother’s Day brunches fill restaurants and then the “big bang” called Memorial Day weekend happens -- launching the start of summer-long shore crowds. How could any northeast hospitality business not feel more hopeful this time of year?

Essentially, the rebirth begins and no matter how extreme winter may have been, all appears forgotten when the grass turns green and the umbrellas come out.

Last weekend, while at a local nursery loading my cart with dozens of beautiful flowers and plants. Okay, I bought WAY too much! I was perusing the aisles thinking about the juxtaposition of spring and the restaurant and hospitality industry: Both flourish at this time. The only difference may be a restaurant owner won’t roll their eyes at you like my husband did seeing my bounty, but rather, they’ll welcome you with open arms!

So gather your friends and go out to dinner. Enjoy this beautiful weather. Grow those herbs or plant those tomatoes that will help you make your favorite dish this summer. Book your shore weekends soon and get ready for a fun and active time. Mostly, be hopeful and happy that warmer, longer days are ahead. Happy Spring!